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Join KNOBS Academy and build the future with us

Do you want to really make a difference in tech?

KNOBS Academy offers you its proven know-how on blockchain, programming languages and development frameworks.

A team of Italy's leading Blockchain & Distributed Ledger experts is at your disposal to teach you step by step how to master this innovative and rapidly expanding skill.

With our training, you will have a thorough and systematic understanding of the functioning of this revolutionary technological ecosystem, which is radically transforming business areas and sectors.

Step into future, join KNOBS Academy!

Why KNOBS Academy?

Because we are the blockchain technology specialists since 2014

Among the first Italian companies to build their identity on blockchain technology, we have almost a decade of experience in idea and patent development and industry consulting.

Since 2014 to date, we have created and developed numerous projects for our clients based on this revolutionary technology.

Because we rely on a team of experts

KNOBS counts among its members and founding partners some of the most important Italian experts, with leading roles and teaching positions at Politecnico di Milano, authors of patents in blockchain technology and publications of international relevance.

Because we put our know-how at your disposal

As professionals and specialists, we are always aligned with the latest trends in this ever-evolving technology and offer solid, up-to-date expertise in developing the most cutting-edge projects in the market.


Training on: Blockchain

Understanding Blockchain Technology

You will gain in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of blockchain technology.

You will learn all its functionalities, consensus mechanisms and key tools, such as smart contracts, wallets, tokens and more.

You will understand the best implementation strategies in different application areas and you will always be supported by experienced professionals.

Training on: Programming languages

Learn about the most popular programming languages on the market

You will deepen your skills on the main programming languages, guided by our developers who use them every single day in projects developed for KNOBS and its customers.
You will become familiar with the most innovative technologies, which we research and adopt on a daily basis to stay ahead of the curve.

You'll become familiar with the most innovative technologies, which we research and adopt on a daily basis to stay ahead of the curve.


Node JS



C black

C / C++


EOS black


Go_nuovo black


move-libra black

Move (Libra/Diem)

Training on: Development Framework

Use with expertise latest generation frameworks

KNOBS commits to a constant research of new technology stacks and adopts the most innovative frameworks.
You will be able to speed up and simplify the process of developing and implementing technically complex products.


React Native

flutter black


EtherJS black




Who is the ideal recipient of KNOBS Academy?


Beginners and Professionals

Who, as a beginner or a professional, wants to start a journey to discover new technologies or, with a basic knowledge acquired through the web, is ready to deepen them in a systematic and complete way.


Training institutions

All the training institutions that provide courses, activate vocational guidance and organize internship activities to promote job placement and/or social integration of their students.


Entrepreneurs and consultants

Who wants to focus on innovation and fully understand the opportunities offered by this technological ecosystem in order to train his/her own employees or perform consulting services with full awareness of future developments.


Technology companies

All the companies that want to increase their competitiveness on the market and grow in terms of performance and turnover, keeping themselves at the forefront of new technologies.

What do you learn with KNOBS Academy?


You will have the opportunity to access the most sought-after information and skills in this technology ecosystem.
Through a comprehensive strategic and operational program, you will learn methods, techniques and tools to operate professionally in the blockchain environment.

You could count on a team formed by the main italian experts of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger, who will support you at every step. At the end of the course, you yourself will be the protagonist in the blockchain field.

Programming languages

You will have the opportunity to learn the most innovative programming languages. Our team of web developers and IT experts will guide you through the whole path to make you acquire technical and operational skills which are among the most required ones on the market.
You will become a coding expert, able to manage all the fronts of programming, from web to backend, passing through data analysis and machine learning. The world of programming will have no more secrets for you.

Development Framework

You will deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge on the main development frameworks and become a programmer able to realize well-built optimized projects. You will learn how to identify the most suitable tools to satisfy specific project needs and to develop the design of softwares and related databases. With the support of our developers, all the main concepts of programming, the features of the main frameworks and the development tools will become your precious luggage towards the working world.

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