KNOBS is specialized in blockchain technology since 2014

We are the Italian Blockchain specialists

From concept to development, we follow all the phases of your blockchain project

KNOBS is the ideal partner for the development of Dapps, Smart Contracts and blockchain-based services.
We develop for all major blockchains and offer 360 degree technology consulting.

Our solutions integrate seamlessly into the needs of your business to give you all the benefits of a cutting-edge technology



We define your goals, analyze the market and offer you all the strategic and technological consulting that brings your idea to success.

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Blockchain development

We develop prototypes to test your idea and evaluate the impact of blockchain on your business processes. We design and implement Smart Contracts and tokens tailored to your business.

Customized for you

We handle and customize every single aspect of your project. We identify and develop the ideal solutions for your company's needs.

What are the benefits of blockchain?

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The blockchain is a ledger distributed among all the nodes in the network and, as such, tampering with the data stored in it is extremely complex and difficult, virtually impossible. It offers the advantage of a system inviolable to any attempt of misuse, alteration or theft of information and personal data.

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Blockchain is a technology based on an increasing number of blocks that are securely linked together, partly thanks to cryptography. Each block contains the transaction data, a hash of the previous block to which it is linked and a timestamp. In blockchain technology, every time a block is validated and added to the chain through a proof-of-work based system, it is also distributed to all the nodes in the network.

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The efficiency of blockchain comes from the absence of intermediaries. This technology allows individuals and organizations to directly perform exchange transactions and have them recorded on the chain.
The immutability and decentralization of the registry, which is distributed on all the nodes of the network, allow the creation of a chain of data that does not require additional trust either between the parties or through a third party guarantor.

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Blockchain: where is it used?

The thousands possible applications of this technology

Here are some examples of the main fields and sectors where blockchain has been applied or can be applied successfully:


Decentralized finance offers the prospect of universally accessible financial products, with no need for the guarantee of trustable or financially reliable organizations.



Blockchain technology can improve healthcare services, such as data ownership and management, bringing benefits to both the patient and the entire healthcare system.


Blockchain makes possible to optimize the processes of the insurance supply chain and to make them automatic, simple and guaranteed.

Digital Identity

Identity management consistent with the principle of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is made simpler and more feasible precisely thanks to blockchain technology.

Real estate

Blockchain technology enables a paradigm shift in renting and buying and selling relationships in real estate.

Certification and traceability

Blockchain allows to certify, even temporally, data and transactions, and to implement mechanisms for the traceability and re-distribution of benefits along the production or distribution chain.

Why choosing us as your technology partner?

Since 2014, we are specialized in web-IOT applications and systems based on blockchain technology

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Blockchain & DLT

We are the Italian blockchain specialists. Active in the field since 2014, we explore new paths and adopt the most cutting-edge technologies.

Customized projects

All our projects are built ad hoc. We start from the specific needs of our clients and develop customized products of the highest quality.


On behalf of our customers, we take part in large-scale, complex, international projects, which often involve players from all over the world.


We are always up-to-date on new technologies and provide high-level training to our employees, as well as to our customers.

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KNOBS is a software house specialized in blockchain technology since 2014.

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