Marketing Services

KNOBS offers strategic consulting, digital product designing and development services

Web marketing

KNOBS designs and implements the strategic sales funnel, identifying the most appropriate communication strategies and marketing channels for increasing conversions.

Sales funnel

KNOBS develops the entire sales funnel (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU), also taking care of setting up Analytics and monitor web traffic in order to have a Data driven approach.

E-mail marketing

KNOBS designs and implements the e-mail automation funnel through specific softwares and by designing the graphic layout of the single emails, in a consistent way with the content provided by the client.


KNOBS designs and implements digital marketing campaigns on the main advertising platforms and social channels, in particular Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, always defining goals, targets and budget together with the client.

Each of our projects involves:

Identification and analysis of market segments and target audience

Defining your strategy according to your goals, targets and budget

Consistent and effective brand identity communication strategy

Technical support for traffic and conversion monitoring


Websites, apps and user experience

"KNOBS designs and implements landing pages, websites, e-commerce and static prototypes focused on User Experience.
It builds customized digital marketing solutions that fulfill each time the specific client's needs."

Landing page

KNOBS takes care of the design and implementation of landing pages in line with the brand, style and content provided by the client.
KNOBS provides the SEO setup of the page and the installation of Analytics for traffic monitoring and supports the client in the choice and purchase of the domain and hosting.


In the creation of a website, KNOBS enhances client’s identity and his choices in textual and visual content, including logo, colors and fonts. It presents 3 different proposals of “template” pages. It takes care of the installation of the SEO and Analytics manager and trains the client to manage the site and additional content in an totally independent way. 


KNOBS supports the client in the designing phase of the web application. Starting from the identification of the USP, it develops the most important elements relating to the navigation, the main functions of the site and the graphic representation of User Interface and User Experience.


KNOBS creates e-commerce sites with WordPress and NoCode platforms, for companies that need to combine ease of use and scalability of the platform. It submits to the client 3 possible “model” pages and realizes the site structure, the contact forms and the system mails, also taking care of the installation of the SEO and Analytics manager for the monitoring of the conversions. It also integrates the development of the site with the installation and setting of plug-in for promo and price cuts, pop-up for newsletter subscription and software for payment via Stripe and/or PayPal.

Static prototypes for web-apps and apps

In the design and development of web-apps and apps, as the web designing phase is completed, KNOBS can realize the static prototype. The goal is to support the client in the preliminary phase of validation of the technical features and usability by performing tests on the experience and efficiency of navigation with sample users.

Each of our projects involves:

Identification of target audience and competitor analysis

Graphic design in line with the style and identity of the brand

Technical support for traffic and conversion monitoring

Training and technology consulting on specific tools


Brochures and presentation pitches for investors

KNOBS develops contents and graphics for investor brochures and pitch decks, highlighting the client's key strengths, particularly in terms of Business Model, USP and team, and using images, fonts and palettes provided by the client.


The brochure remains one of the most important offline tools available to companies in order to introduce themselves and promote their business.
KNOBS develops it by focusing on a comprehensive and effective description of the identity, mission and vision of the client’s business and its most distinctive features in the market.

Pitch deck

Starting from an in-depth study of the Business Model and the Value Proposition, KNOBS develops pitch decks that present the client company in an exhaustive and incisive manner and effectively promote its core values and distinctive features.

Each of our projects involves:

Brand and business analysis based on preliminary interview with the client

Definition of the Business Model, USV and UVP and the best Business Strategy

Developing of a winning pitch, using effective storytelling techniques

Design of the graphic layout of the brochure with materials provided by the client

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