Created in the new social and professional context we are living, xToken is the innovative platform for managing and controlling the number of people accessing shops, events and public services.

Easy to use, intuitive and safe thanks to the blockchain technology, it allows to manage time and number of bookings and people’s access to services in a practical and smart way both for suppliers and consumers. It offers a solution that makes bookings immutable, traceable, unchangeable, and respectful of users’ privacy. 

The project was developed thanks to the Call for solutions promoted by Camera di Commercio di Milano, Monza Brianza e Lodi, Lombardy region, to identify innovative solutions to support trade, tourism, services and craftsmanship companies in managing in-person customers after the massive changes imposed by Covid-19.

Why is it so revolutionary?

We are in full digital evolution and revolution.

Planning the supplying, booking and using of services through digital tools is a more and more widespread need, destined to become a key part of any business strategy.

A traditional approach would conceive two possible alternative solutions for the online ticketing booking and managing:

The autonomous development of specific applications by single suppliers

Actually, this scenery would result in a considerable waste of time and resources.

On the one hand, all the single suppliers should swiftly get in step with technology, which is inconceivable, on the other the consumers would be forced to daily deal with a plurality of different applications.

The creation of a centralized system by a tech expert company

This circumstance would see a technological company creating and introducing a sole, shared tool for ticketing and booking management.

In this case, two issues would remain pending: the binding nature of the platform and the weakness of privacy, with the risk to have the personal data of thousands people managed and monitored by a third party (off-line activities included!).

The xToken solution

KNOBS developed a third solution, a revolutionary, handy, and efficient one: xToken!

Thanks to KNOBS expertise in blockchain, the xToken platforms:


Manages the bookings through a blockchain-based virtual calendar and the issuing of digital tokens


Allows suppliers to “open” time slots and establish the number of people who can access the service at a fixed, established time.


Allows users to book and obtain a token in an anonymous, quick and intuitive way.


All the token transfers and movements are traceable and demonstrable, without exception.

How does it work?

For service suppliers:

For customers:

Which problems does it solve?

xToken was originally developed by KNOBS as the solution to the new needs arisen from the pandemic.

Far from being temporary, these needs turned out to be instead expression of a changed and renewed socio-economic context.

The scenery that is taking shape inevitably requires the building of a new balance to combine daily activities and the observance of prevention and control measures relating to Covid-19.

Moreover, the demand of users for privacy and control of their own data is rapidly increasing, as well as the one for firm’s transparency and the accuracy of application management and assignation procedures. These issues are not optional anymore. They are becoming essential assets, key drivers for growth.

The ticketing and booking system designed and developed by KNOBS ensures:

Respect of social distancing

The re-opening of commercial activities, firms and public services imposes strict social distancing and complying with health-and-safety regulations, following the pandemic.
How can they be guaranteed smartly, together with the recovery of individual mobility?
xToken staggers entry and permanence time into shops and public services through the virtual calendar slots, avoiding mass gatherings. And it does it in a public and demonstrable way.

People number managing

From now on, balancing daily needs and commitments with safety and prevention of potential risks for health will be a key matter.
How to guarantee people’s circulation and the access to services and, at the same time, the strict observance of people number limit and flow’s regulation?
The platform allows each supplier to easily manage the access and flow to his/her own activity in terms of time and number of people and each customer to safely choose the most suitable slot.


At the present time, the chance to track citizens’ movements and activities is crucial for the competent authorities, since the recovery and re-opening of activities still requires a great deal of attention and caution.
How to do it without violating privacy?
Blockchain, thanks to the many tools peculiar to the technology, allows to certify people circulation and flow to services, as well as the sequence of bookings and appointments in an way which is anonymous, immutable and always verifiable by the authorities in charge.

What about the future, when issues more strictly relating to pandemic will be over?

xToken is multifaceted and can be the solution for many different issues, partly still to explore.  

The use of the Blockchain technology makes it a perfect tool for a more and more digitalized world. It smartly solves crucial issues such as:

Demonstrability of bookings

How to track the tokens and time slots issued and keep the virtual calendar always updated and reliable?
The Blockchain ledger records and secures in an irreversible, immutable and incorruptible way all the booking-related info. This means that every single issuing and assignment of a token and every single transfer of its ownership from one to another user is certified and public and there is no way to arbitrarily change the data.

Efficacy of the User Experience

One of the possible solutions to create an online booking system would be the chance that every supplier would create autonomously its own application. This would lead to the proliferation of hundred different systems and, thus, to the waste of time, energy and resources for all concerned. How to avoid this?
The Blockchain technology goes beyond the limits of such a scenery. xToken means the birth of a unique platform which is consistent, web accessible, provided with a intuitive interface on both supplier and user sides, constantly verifiable and reliable.


The safeguard of privacy is a sore topic of all the systems created until now. How many times have we seen it at risk?
Thanks to the blockchain technology, xToken ensures the complete protection of personal information. There’s no need to provide personal data in order to obtain the booking tokens - on the contrary, every step can be anonymous or pseudonymous – and no one can access, counterfeit or modify personal data.

Transversality and Interoperability

The entities that can benefit from such an online booking platform are potentially infinite. But how can the system hold all the specific needs?
xToken has a well-structured general framework that each time can be adjusted to suit requirements and needs of the most different commercial activities. It is part of an open system that can progressively grow in the number of interfaces following the requests of the market. The interoperability is always guaranteed on the user’s side. The advantage for the users is that they can manage tickets and bookings by accessing a sole application.


The creation of a general framework gives a well-defined structure to the platform. This could be a risk and result in an incompatibility of its functioning mechanisms with other digital management systems. How dealing with this difficulty?
For their own nature, the tokens can be easily integrated and implemented with Smart Contracts, also to work with other apps, nourishing an open, comprehensive system of complementary services.


To whom is it for?

Efficient, effective and easy to use, xToken is like an engine that can activate and boost the most different kinds of projects.

Each time, KNOBS can adjust the platform to suit specific business needs, with a number of additional custom services.

To whom is the perfect solution?

For all the entities that need to regulate and limit the number of in-presence customers or to plan and monitor the resources and the flow of people.

For all the citizens using these services.

Just a click is needed in order to issue and confirm the booking token. In the future, we could also imagine to use it to automatically unlock entrance systems, such as ticket barriers.


1. The Blockchain behind xToken

2. Commitments of the single booking token

3. Warranties of the booking

Test the demo

In final testing in several different business entities, from clothing shops to consultancy companies, xToken is ready to become the perfect solution for your business!

If you are curious and want to discover more about this innovative platform write us to info@knobs.it

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